Modern and smart, PCD7.L645B/W touch screen room control devices enable all parameters of your single room controls to be changed (presence, temperature control, fan speed, lighting controls, and shade) based on our PCD7.L6xx family of controllers.
The clean room device features a 3.2 inch (approx. 8 cm) large, touch-sensitive LCD touch colour screen, which offers optimal reading convenience thanks to automatic sensor controls for the brightness of the background lighting.
The devices are available in either black (PCD7.L645B) or white (PCD7.L645W), and the front frame features either a high-gloss black finish or brushed aluminium.
The PCD7.L645 features and integrated NTC 10 kOhm temperature sensor for room temperature measurement.
Only a single, pre-designed RJ9 cable is needed to power and communicate with the PCD7.L60x or PCD7.L61x room controller, which reduces simple installation and reduces costs.
The new touch screen operating devices do not need to be and cannot be configured or programmed, but instead function as “plug & play” as soon as they are connected with the PCD7.L6xx room controller.