We optimise your energy consumption

Sustainability and environmental protection are our highest priority at InfraSolution AG. As a leading technology company, we want to contribute to reduced emissions in spite of increasing technical requirements and the increasing use of climate and cooling systems.

For this reason, our highly qualified engineers have developed air conditioning systems without electrical drive systems. Special processes enable us to use heating sources to create cold water for comfortable air conditioning systems. This conserves the environment and saves operators high energy costs. The systems are also very maintenance friendly, since only low-wear components are integrated.

We also use energy monitoring systems in our systems. These automatically record and visualise consumption rates. Based on this knowledge, concepts for optimisation and conservation are developed in the next stage and then transferred to the automatic control systems. Next, energy savings are examined. The energy monitoring systems are available both for new and legacy systems.

InfraSolution AG also offers its customers enthusiastic inspection of air conditioning systems. These are prescribed according to the Energy Savings Directive (EnEV) from 2007 and obligatory for all systems greater than a nominal power of twelve kilowatts. Our certified personnel is happy to show you additional energy savings potential within the scope of an inspection.

We constantly train our employees further so that they are always up-to-date with regard to questions involving reduction of energy consumption. Take advantage of our know-how to reduce your energy costs!