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RobotScanFlex is designed to support measurements across all industries operating cleanroom environments. Due to high cleanroom quality demands, the pharmaceutical, food & nutrition and medical devices industry as well as hospitals are the obvious target users for modern particle mesurement technologies.
Additionally, the fast growing electronics, semiconductor and disc drives industry also rely on perfect cleanroom conditions to garantee product safety. The figure below provides a brief overview of cleanrooms in operation across all relevant industries (2014).


Cleanroom Area [m2]

Pharmaceutical 2.708.400
Semiconductor 1.817.760
Electronics 1.669.785
Other Industries 1.601.990
Hospitals 1.470.150
Disk Drives 1.444.290
Food 1.242.045
Medical Devices 794.775
Flat Panels 742.000
CR Suppliers 503.550
Aerospace 273.420
Bioclean 210.600

Source: Insights for Electronics Manufacturing, Robert McIlvaine Study, 2014.

Mobile Applications

  • HEPA Filter (GMP C & D)
  • Laminar Flow Units (GMP A & B)

  • Vertikalflow (safety) workstations

  • Restricted Access Barrier Systems (RABS)

  • Isolator

  • Sterile tunnel

Stationary Applications

  • HEPA/ULPA Production Lines (QA Testing)

  • Permanent Installations in RABS and Isolator to overcome high toxic enviroment demands